Colarium Sounds Dark Psy Tools Vol 2 WAV Ableton Live 9 10 Template Psytrance工程文件 采样包插图


Ableton Live Template | WAV | 351MB


– 250 Sounds In 6 Categories
– 15 Hopeless Loops
– 55 Exclusive FX (Up & Downs)
– 16 Short Textures Loops
– 30 Long Textures Loops
– 91 Short Dark Loops
– 42 Long Dark Loops
所有循环均采用44.1 / 24-Bit ACIDized WAV格式,并包含元数据。节奏为150 BPM,C。

‘ Dark Psy Tools 2 ‘来自另一个恒星系统。某些声音不能仅通过使用预设来创建。有些声音需要重采样和切碎。在您的下一个Dark Psy音乐中利用这种力量!这些声音被屠杀,直到他们自己陷入困境。

Dark Psy Tools 2‘ comes from another stellar system. Some sounds cannot be created just by using presets. Some sounds require resampling and chopping up. Harness this power in your next Dark Psy tunes! These sounds were massacred until they got a groove all of their own.

Use these sounds at your own risk! Colarium can not be held responsible for any damage caused due to working with these loops.

All loops come in 44.1/24-Bit ACIDized WAV format with with meta-data included. Tempo is 150 BPM and the key is C.
As a special gift you get six Turnado secret presets to help you learn how to chainsaw your own sounds. You also get 12 weird voice samples and the kick and bass from the Demo, and the Live project of the Demo.

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