Production Master Riddim Warriors WAV MiDi Serum Presets Dubstep音色 采样包插图


WAV | MiDi | Serum Preset | 934.1MB
21 Atmosphere Loops
36 Bass Glitches
91 Bass Loops
73 Bass One Shots
200 Drum & Percussion Loops
189 Drum & Percussion One Shots
105 FX
39 Synth Loops
37 Synth One Shots
24 Vocal Loops
31 Vocal Shouts
101 Serum Presets
19 Serum Tables
锐化刀片,Riddim战士!新的篇章到了。受到诸如Getter,50 Carrot,Midnight Tyrannosaurus,Badklaat,PhaseOne,Trollphace,Monxx,Phiso,Subfiltronik,Requake,P0gman和INFEKT等艺术家的启发,这种1 GB以上的声音和预置库必定会将您的生产价值推向新的极限,并作为为您其他以Dubstep为主题的WIP和项目的绝佳扩展!
硬质击-在此背包中,您会发现最重的超声波单发鼓,包括重磅踢,重击小军鼓,鼓掌,牛铃,沉重的鼓鼓和修补鼓皮,还有大量完整的鼓环,包括标志性的“小军鼓”风格的节拍和其他打击乐器的模式,所有这些都在等待您的下一次dudstep riddim banger的攻击,砍断并转变成坚固的框架。
肮脏的低音-为采样器加载极好的低音打击和循环(包括颗粒状引线,险恶的刺,过滤的合成器和古怪的低音)的反冲音色集合,为您的riddim bangers带来备受赞誉的姿势,您可以在所有声音中听到最讨厌的dubstep曲目到处都扯着舞池!我们确保使用顶级硬件和舷外齿轮对每个声音进行处理,并加上大量失真和效果,以方便拖放使用。被警告; 这是一个真正的脸部护理包!
大量的XFER血清预设-但是样品并不是所有这些可怕的包装所能容纳的全部。最重要的是,我们邀请您使用101种优质Xfer Serum预置的庞大库,覆盖整个riddim频谱。从低音到SFX …所有预设都经过了完全宏化和格式化,以在声音设计过程中为您提供完全的控制和便捷。Riddim Warriors是一家银行,可以为您带来真正的弹性!
Sharpen your blades, riddim warriors! A new chapter has arrived. Inspired by artists such as Getter, 50 Carrot, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Badklaat, PhaseOne, Trollphace, Monxx, Phiso, Subfiltronik, Requake, P0gman and INFEKT, this 1 GB+ sound and preset bank will certainly push your production values to new extremes and serve as a great extension for your other dubstep themed WIPs and projects!
HARD HITTING DRUMS – Inside this pack, you’ll find a mammoth of the heaviest, ultrasonic one-shot drums, inclusive of weighty kicks, pounding snares, claps, cowbells, heavy toms and tinkering tops, plus a mass of full drum loops, including the iconic ‘kick on snare’ style beats and additional percussion patterns, all of which are just waiting to be hacked, chopped and transformed into solid frameworks for your next dubstep riddim banger.
FILTHY BASSLINES – Load up your sampler with a kick-ass collection of supreme bass hit and loops including granulated leads, sinister stabs, filtered synths and wonky subs, to give your riddim bangers that much-acclaimed attitude, which can be heard in all the nastiest dubstep tracks tearing up dancefloors everywhere! We’ve made sure every individual sound has been processed using top of the range hardware and outboard gear, with lots of distortion and effects applied for easy drag-and-drop use. Be warned; this is a REAL in-your-face pack!
HEAVY XFER SERUM Presets – But samples isn’t all this monstrous pack holds. To top it off, we invite you to get wild with a huge bank of 101 premium Xfer Serum presets covering the entire riddim spectrum. From bass to SFX… All presets come fully macroed and formatted to give you full control and ease during the sound design process. Riddim Warriors is a bank that will really put some flex into your beats!
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