Soul Surplus Bedroom Fidelity LoFi Trap WAV 采样包 音色 Loop 嘻哈 Hip Hop插图


WAV | 422 MB
• 45 Drum Loops
• 110 Melodic Loops And Stems
• 121 One Shots
音效杂种启发的发行版,被称为lofi-Trap。受到像Childish Gambino和Toro y Moi这样的艺术家的声音的启发,这种“卧室生产者”的最新演变源于寒冷浪的起源,融合了熟悉的弹跳和陷阱鼓的节奏,成为了激动人心的创作的温床。此包包含100多个单独的乐器环,并使用所有模拟合成器和装备创建了一个镜头。充分利用特殊的乐器声音,例如声码器旋律和有力的合成鼓,从MS-20的头开始就完全按照其形状和工艺来制作!为了使您的创作过程更加轻松,我们为每个想要直接使用拖放方法的人制作了每个旋律循环都对应的循环。
A release inspired by the sonic hybrid which has been coined as lofi-Trap. Inspired by the sounds of artists like Childish Gambino and Toro y Moi this most recent evolution of the “bedroom producer,” with roots in the origins of chillwave, fused with the familiar bounce and cadence of trap drums serves as a breeding ground for exciting creations. This pack contains over 100 individual instrument loops and one-shots created with all analog synths and gear. Take advantage of special instrument sounds like vocoder melodies and punchy synth drums literally shaped and crafted from scratch on an MS-20! To make your creation process even easier we made each melodic loop have corresponding drum loops for those who want to get right to work with drag and drop methods. This release comes fully loaded with nearly half a gig of sound to expand any personal library with more tools to stay inspired.
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