Description: Introducing our latest sample pack, perfect for adding that unmistakable Brazilian flair to your productions.
The Brazilian Percussion sample pack from House Of Loop is packed with over 200 loops ranging from agogos, claves, congas, pandeiros, repeniques, shakers, surdos, tamborims, and triangles. All loops are synced at 100 BPM for versatile implementation into a variety of genres.
Each loop has been meticulously crafted to capture the AUthentic sound of each percussion instrument. Exported in high-quality WAV format, ensuring pristine sound quality that will cut through any mix.
Whether you’re looking to enhance a tech-house grooves or add some extra rhythm to your beats, our Brazilian Percussion sample pack has you covered!
Presented by House Of Loop, a trusted name in the world of sample packs and music production resources.
So, if you’re ready to take your productions to the next level with the infectious rhythms of Brazil, don’t miss out on this collection!
Download today and start creating your next hit track!
123 MB
25 Agogo Loops
15 Clave Loops
36 Conga Loops
23 Pandeiro Loops
25 Repenique Loops
18 Shaker Loops
20 Surdo Loops
25 Tamborim Loops
15 Triangle Loops…ilian-Percussion

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