FaderPro Nathan Barato UNCUT Ableton Live 10 Tech House 英文电音舞曲编曲教程16集插图


教程风格 – Tech House

DAW – Ableton Live

教程大小 – 5.78GB

课程总时间 – 3.2小时

格式 – mp4超清

讲解语言 – 英文


内森(Nathan)在FaderPro的第一个大师班中,展示了使用库存的Ableton Live的标志性生产风格。
内森·巴拉托(Nathan Barato)已成为全球最受尊敬的制作人之一和最丰富的DJ之一。无论是Marco Carola首次赢得Nathan的2012年热门单曲“ Hard Werq”,最终导致Nathan进入Music On名册,还是Jamie Jones都将Nathan视为新星,同时使Nathan的“摇摆演讲”成为Hot Creations品牌阵营的主要内容。这位来自多伦多的本地人一直在国际DJ领域声名sky起,同时仍然是备受推崇和追捧的制作人。

许多人将内森的成功归功于他的体裁多样性。他不拘一格的声音融合了多种风格,并被认为是时髦的Techno背景下对90年代车库等建筑物的采样。结果,内森的音乐在业界最负盛名的印记上发行,包括上述热门创作和衍生的Hottrax,以及Rekids,Cajual,Saved Records,MOOD,当然还有他自己的Rawthentic音乐与他的合伙人Carlo Lio一起贴上标签。


DAW:Ableton Live总计运行时间:3.2小时(190分钟)

In his first-ever masterclass for FaderPro, Nathan puts on display his signature production style using a stock Ableton rig.
Nathan Barato has established himself among one of the most respected producers as well as one of the most prolific DJs in the world. Whether it was Marco Carola first championing Nathan’s 2012 hit “Hard Werq” which ultimately led to Nathan joining the Music On roster, or Jamie Jones deeming Nathan a new star while making Nathan’s ‘Wobble Talk’ a staple in the Hot Creations label camp. The Toronto native has skyrocketed to international DJ prominence all the while remaining a well-respected and sought after producer.

Many credit Nathan’s success to his genre diversity. His eclectic sound infuses many styles and has been recognized as one where the likes of 90’s garage get sampled against the backdrop of funky techno. As a result, Nathan’s music is being released on some of the most prestigious imprints in the industry, including the aforementioned Hot Creations and spinoff Hottrax, as well as Rekids, Cajual, Saved Records, MOOD, and of course, his very own Rawthentic Music label alongside his partner Carlo Lio.

In his first-ever masterclass for FaderPro, Nathan puts on display his signature production style using a stock Ableton rig and demonstrates how anyone can utilize the DAW, without any 3rd party plug-ins, and get to a finished master production that is ready for the clubs, to shop to a label or BOTH!

DAW: Ableton LiveTotal Runtime: 3.2 hours (190 mins)

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