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Studio专业人士Thomas Cochran提供了深入的Ableton Live制作视频教程!仅使用Ableton Live,逐步了解如何以Frank Ocean和The Weekend的风格制作完整的Alternative R&B歌曲。本课程适用于已经熟悉Ableton Live但想要学习替代R&B声音设计和制作技术的人们。您还将获得视频中使用的样本和预设,以便可以在Studio系统上继续学习。

Thomas对此表示欢迎,并从您将要一起制作的替代R&B曲目开始进行介绍,然后向您展示如何通过创建和编程vipey lofi合成和弦以及打击乐部件来奠定曲目的基础使用经典的鼓机声音等等。
接下来是低音吉他,您将看到如何在曲目中添加复古风格的低音吉他,以及如何使用并行处理的图层来创建梦幻的合唱低音部分,非常适合此类型。然后设计并添加更多的琴键,例如丰富的Junoesque琴键声音,经典的Rhodes声部,Glass Synth琴键以及甚至凉快的哇哇吉他声,以带回R&B感觉。
要了解有关这些详细的Ableton Live Production教程向您展示的内容的更多信息,以及它们如何激发您设计和制作自己的Alternative R&B曲目的更多信息,请参阅此页面上各个Ableton Live视频教程的说明。立即学习以Frank Ocean和The Weekend的风格制作节拍和歌曲…现在观看“ Ableton Live:制作另类R&B”。

Studio pro Thomas Cochran delivers in-depth Ableton Live production video tutorials! See how to make a complete Alternative R&B song in the style of Frank Ocean and The Weekend from scratch, step-by-step using only Ableton Live. This course is for those who are already familiar with Ableton Live, but want to learn Alternative R&B sound design and production techniques. You also get the samples and presets used in the videos so you can follow along on your studio system.

Thomas welcomes you and starts with a play-through of the Alternative R&B track you’ll be making together, and then shows you how to lay the foundation of the track by creating and programming vibey lofi synth chords, and then the drums and percussion parts using classic drum machine sounds and more.
bass guitar is next, and you’ll see how to add a vintage inspired bass guitar to the track, as well as how a parallel processed layer can be used to create a dreamy chorusy bass part, perfect for this genre. More keys are then designed and added, such as a rich Junoesque key sound, classic Rhodes part, Glass Synth keys and even a cool wah-wah guitar sound for that throw back R& B feel.
Throughout the rest of the videos Thomas shows you how to work up the arrangement, add transitions and fills, get the verse and chorus vocals recorded and sounding polished like a major release, and much more.
To learn more about what these detailed Ableton Live Production tutorials show you, and how they’ll inspire you to design and produce your own Alternative R&B tracks, see the individual Ableton Live video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn to make beats and songs in the style of Frank Ocean and The Weekend today… Watch “Ableton Live: Producing Alternative R&B” now.

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