Black Octopus Sound Imaginate Element Series Verre [WAV + Kontakt+ Serum Presets + Battery] 预制音色 采样包 音源插图

Presets | KONTAT | Battery | WAV | 1.7GB


– 39 Atmosphere One Shots
– 85 Bass Loops
– 62 Bass One Shots
– 101 Bonus Serum Presets
– 84 Foley One Shots
– 21 Full Drum Loops
– 44 FX Downlifters
– 40 FX Fragments
– 45 FX Risers
– 24 FX Transitions
– 20 Kick & Snare Loops
– 50 Bonus Serum Wavetables
– 7 Battery 4 Instruments
– 47 Kontakt 5 Instruments
– 50 Percussion One Shots
– 43 Snare One Shots
– 19 Synth Loops
– 132 Synth One Shots
– 44 Synth Bell Loops
– 21 Synth Lead Loops
– 41 Synth Pad Loops
– 20 Synth Pluck Loops
– 19 Top Loops
– 51 Tops One Shots
– 30 Kick One Shots

Black Octopus Sound制作的“ Imaginate Element Series-Verre”是一个完全由玻璃制成的声音库,在样本包装游戏中是最前沿的。像Imaginate的其他元素包“ Charta Paper DnB”(由纸制成)和“ Aqua”(由水制成)一样,Verre也在利用我们周围的元素来制作适用于多种流派和风格的声音。

深入研究并找到解决方法,以防止编写者使用循环,采样,单次拍摄,采样器乐器(例如Battery 4和Kontakt 5)以及包括血清表的血清预设来阻止。


包括的声音包括FX,Transition FX,Foley,Atmospheres,Bass,Synth,鼓,Top Loop,Risers,采样器乐器和血清预设(Leads,Bass,FX,Synth)。近千种声音!


‘Imaginate Element Series – Verre’ by Black Octopus Sound is a sound library made entirely out of glass that is cutting edge in the Sample pack game. Like Imaginate’s other element packs ‘Charta Paper DnB’ (made from Paper) and ‘Aqua’ (made from water), Verre is using elements around us to make sounds that work for a multitude of genres and styles.

Dive in and find ways to shatter that writers block with Loops, Samples, One Shots, Sampler Instruments such as Battery 4 and Kontakt 5, and Serum Presets including Wavetables.

This is a massive library with sounds for everyone. Ever wonder what atmospheres sound like made from broken glass fragments? Or maybe bass loops made from scratching a glass window pane. No matter the sound source, it’s all original and ready for you to produce that next chart topping hit!

Sounds included are FX, Transition FX, Foley, Atmospheres, Bass, Synth, Drums, Top Loops, Risers, Sampler Instruments and Serum Presets (Leads, Bass, FX, Synth). Nearly 1,000 sounds!

Perfect for loads of genres such as EDM, Techno, House, Electro, DnB, Complextro, Synthwave and many more! Pretty much anything touching electronic sounds can find use with this brilliant pack.

采样包-预制音色试听 – DEMO

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