Description: The Goal of this course is, to give you the knowledge, to be an effective Technical Director.
The aim of this course is, not to give you recipes, but to give you the perspective to deal with daily production problems.
As a Technical Director, our very first responsibility is solving a problem to never face it again.
As this is an life time journey, I hope this course gives you some practical and functional point of view.
If you master the SOPÆs, you master Houdini.
ôAs Feather tool is not just a feather toolö, it is a perfect topic to cover, to give one, all the necessary arsenal to be a sharp TD.
Besides to cerate a good looking feather system, the topics to be able to create it is huge;
And we cover all of them step by step from scratch, together.
Such as ;
*applied Matrices, applied vectors
*Extensive usage of VEX and Python
*Designing algorithms
*Solutions for, creating faster tools.
*Creating Clever Digital Assets
*Clustering systems, to be able to use system resources without trouble
*Multi functional caching utilities and many more
at the end of this course, you will not only have an ready for production tool, but also you will get your skills to the next level.

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