Description: Arnie Fox, “Compendium of Over 2000 Jazz Pianists”
English | 2007 | pages: 162 | ISBN: 1425118488 | EPUB | 0,2 mb
Over 2000 jazz pianists listing the title of album or CD.
Introducing you to the great and the unknown jazz pianists.
Discography of the amazing Bernard Peiffer and Jessica Williams.
Great for collectors and musicians searching out new artists.
If you enjoy piano jazz, this is a must for your library.
Book Reviews
This Compendium is actually an excellent database source
guide that can empower fans, club owners and
contemporary jazz pianists in instantaneously expanding
the universe of researchable jazz pianists to more than
2,000. There’s the added bonus of the complete
discographies of two very special jazz artists, plus the
AUthor’s fascinating detail recounting of the poignant
impact one of them had in inspiring him to spend
incalculable hours as a labor of love over the span of
several years in compiling the book’s database.
– Fred – Database Source Guide October 6, 2011
Mr Arnie Fox collected great names of jazz, musicians
that did enourmous contribuition to the jazz music
what turn this book a “must have” reference for anyone
that want to know about Jazz musical history and who made
history !…ts/dp/1425118488

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