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From beginner to pro: compose, mix, and master music.
The Music Producer’s Ultimate Guide to FL Studio 21 is the essential handbook for any aspiring or professional music producer looking to take their craft to the next level. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to make the most of FL Studio 21’s powerful tools and features. You will learn the secrets to creating professional-sounding music, from creating chord progressions to tailoring your sounds to perfection with compression, equalization, and stereo width effects. You’ll begin by getting up-and-running with FL Studio 21, creating a beat, and composing a melody. Once you’re familiar with the piano roll and mixer console you’ll learn how to use plugins to create your own instruments, explore audio width effects, and engage in sound design. You’ll get insights into mixing and mastering, as well as promoting and selling your music. This new edition covers some of the most popular features and plugins in FL Studio 21, including FLEX, Luxeverb, Vintage Chorus, Vintage Phaser, Distructor, Fruity Newtime, VFX Sequencer, Pitch Shifter, Frequency Shifter, Fruity Granulizer, Multiband Delay, and Frequency Splitter.…on/9781837631650

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