Description: GUACO SAUCE. Developed with the needs of music producers and professional DJs in mind, who require Loops & Samples for separate Instruments and stereo mixing, 100% Real, with Professional quality for their creative process. Last update on October 31, 2021. Made by professional percussionists, recorded, mixed and mastered in Areito Studio, they have the characteristic rhythmic patterns of the genre, in the style of the Venezuelan group Guaco. In six formats: Kontakt 5.7.3 onwards, Rex2, Apple Loops, Wav and Stylus RMX . Our Library is compatible with any DAW (Pro tools, Cubase, Logic, FL, Live, etc…)
explore the world of possibilities that we have created for you with our Salsa Guaco Samples and Loops Library . Let yourself be carried away by the flavor captured in the masterful interpretation of our percussionist
•All Track Folder: Contains 9 loops in Rex2 and Wav
•Bell Folder: Contains 12 loops in Rex2 and Wav
•Bongo Folder: Contains 14 loops in Rex2 and Wav Wav
•Charrasca Folder: Contains 8 Loops in Rex2 and in Wav
•Conga Folder: Contains 56 loops in Rex2 and in Wav
•Drum Folder: Contains 57 Loops Rex2 and in Wav
•Timbal Folder: Contains 64 loops Rex2 and in Wav
•Tambora Folder : Contains 8 Rex2 Loops and in Wav
•Samples Track Folder: Contains 7 Wav Tracks (Bell, Bongo, Charrasca, Conga, Drum, Tambora and Timbal)
•Stylus RMX Folder: Contains the Loops for each Instrument and All Tracks Presets
•Kontakt Folder Contains the Library in this format, by instrument
Our libraries will be constantly updated, expanded or renewed in order to offer greater quality and variety.
Note: Purchased products will be kept in your account indefinitely for future downloads, to do so, just enter the section.
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