Description: Create a Third-Person Meele Combat System in Unity and C# | Learn Gameplay Programming and Clean Coding Practices
What you’ll learn
Create a third-person meele combat system in Unity
Learn to create scalable, modular and reusable gameplay systems in Unity
Learn to write clean & modular code in C#
Learn to architect data driven systems in Unity using Scriptable Objects
Learn important 3D gameplay programming concepts
You should know the basics of C# (if, loops etc)
You should know the basics of Unity
In this course, youÆll learn to create a third-person melee combat system in Unity with features like combos, counterattacks, intelligent enemy AI, etc. We’ll design this system in a modular, data-driven, and scalable way using clean coding practices. So in this course, youÆll not only learn to build this system, but youÆll also learn lots of valuable game programming concepts that you can use throughout your career
So the combat system that weÆre going to create will be a free-flow combat system. That means enemies wonÆt attack the player mindlessly; instead, theyÆll attack in a coordinated way by circling the player and attacking one at a time. This is the type of combat used in modern-day games like Assassin’s Creed, Batman Arkham series, MarvelÆs Spider-Man, etc. This combat system will also be easily customizable, so if you want to use punch and kick attacks instead of sword attacks, you can do that easily without changing a single line of code
So weÆll be building all this step-by-step from scratch. WeÆll start by making a basic third-person controller. WeÆll not use any assets for it; weÆll build it from scratch becAUse itÆs a good way to learn the fundamentals of gameplay programming. And then we’ll give our character the ability to attack. WeÆll architect the attacks using scriptable objects in Unity so that the designer will be able to create and edit different attack combos without changing the code. Then we’ll start building the enemy AI. We’ll be architecting the enemy AI using a finite-state machine. It’s a technique thatÆs been used for building AI in games for the last 25 years. It’s used in popular games like Last of Us, the Batman Arkham series, and many more. So we’ll build a Finite-State Machine from scratch and create our enemies using it. We’ll start by creating simple enemy behaviors like Idling and Chasing the player, then we’ll implement more advanced behaviors like circling the player and attacking him in a coordinated way. Once we’re done with the Enemy AI, we’ll implement the counterattacks.
Throughout this course, youÆll learn lots of game programming skills. YouÆll learn lots of intermediate-level C# concepts like Generic Classes, Dictionary, LINQ, Inheritance, etc. YouÆll also learn to use Mathematical concepts like Trigonometry, Dot Product, Cross Product, etc. So the skills and techniques that you learn from this course will be really helpful for you if want to pursue a career as a game programmer.
Who this course is for:
Beginner Unity developers looking to learn intermediate concepts and create reusable systems

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