Description: Learn the Fundamentals of C++, Git, CMake, and Make a Game from Scratch
What you’ll learn
Learn the Fundamentals of C++
Make a Complete Game with C++
Learn C++ Application Development Proces
Adapt to Git and GitHub SCM
Adapt the CMake Build Tool
Time and Dedication
Passion to Game Development
Experience with programming is a plus, but not required.
In this comprehensive course, students will delve deeply into the fundamental aspects of C++, explore the language’s core concepts, study the principles of Object-Oriented Programming, and achieve mastery over the intricacies of memory management. The curriculum goes beyond theoretical knowledge, extending to the creation and practical utilization of C++ libraries and executables, equipping learners with tangible, applicable skills. Emphasizing tools relevant to the industry, the course seamlessly integrates Git and CMake into the workflow, ensuring that students acquire essential instruments widely employed in software development.
Having established a robust foundation, the course then progresses to the dynamic creation of a complete game from scratch. This exciting phase involves leveraging C++ in conjunction with a carefully chosen array of powerful libraries. Through immersive, hands-on experiences, students not only cultivate a profound understanding of C++ but also witness firsthand its practical applications in real-world scenarios.
Upon completing the course, participants will have garnered valuable insights and proficiency, empowering them to confidently pursue careers in software engineering for game development. Furthermore, the acquired knowledge acts as a sturdy lAUnching pad for further studies, encompassing advanced topics like Unreal Engine and broader application development.
This course stands as the fourth installment in a comprehensive game development series and marks the initial exploration of C++. Importantly, students aspiring to study C++ and subsequently delve into Unreal Engine are not obliged to complete the preceding three courses in the series.
Who this course is for:
Beginners who what to learn C++ and Game Development
Unity developers who want to jump into Unreal Engine but have no experience with C++
Unreal Engine Developers who what to start using C++ instead of Blueprint
College students who need additional material to study coding
Software Engineer who are interested in game development…g-a-game-with-c/

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