Description: In this course, you will learn to create your own ott platform by completing this masterclass course. This course is for everyone who wants to learn new things and build new skills.
By following this course you can make your own app and website, and you will know how to run this business as well.
This is not just a course but this is my secret source of earning after you complete this course you will know how to create a movie streaming website and an android app perfectly. and then you can start making ott apps and websites for your clients as a freelancer. You can’t even imagine how much demand is there in the market.
Do you want to know how many ott apps and sites I have built it?
300+ apps and 90+ websites and these are just for OTT. This industry is growing day by day, this is the time to do something.
This course is for beginners:
You don’t need any technical knowledge to start this course
You just need one computer/laptop and The Internet connection
You need to complete the course
If you find any problems you can message me, and I will help you solve your issues.…pp-like-netflix/

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