Description: I have been teaching people of all ages for at least 20 years, but I have had the greatest professional and human satisfaction with young graphic designers.
This is why I really like it, putting my experience at the service of all the people who want to learn and grow professionally. For this platform, I created the ôcomplete graphic design courseö made up of 10 essential lessons, so that every person, of any age, can enter this world and be able to stimulate their creativity in the right way.
Creativity is useful in any sector and allows you to have a different vision of things. Sometimes creativity is hidden, but bringing it out is easier than you might imagine.
All people of any age can be the ætrue protagonistsÆ of the course, but above all participation in this ôLabö is not reserved only for those who know how to draw. On the contrary, all those people who do not have a great talent for drawing manage to have a great creative process.
This way everyone will be able to carry out projects that perhaps not even they themselves can imagine. ôNothing is impossibleö is our motto!! It will be the growth of their skills that will obviously allow them to create unique projects that will leave everyone, even themselves, speechless!…ns-for-all-ages/

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