Description: The Love Experiment presents LUV PACK vol. 2 a sequel to the band’s first sample pack on Splice. Luv Pack vol. 1 was an introduction to The Love Experiment’s sound as a band whereas Luv Pack vol. 2 is their evolution as a sonic entity.
This pack gives you an intimate look inside the band’s creative process and is full of melodic stacks and songstarters to inspire your next hit song. This pack was curated from recording sessions, album demos, and various sonic explorations to give you the tools you need to expand your productions.
Inspired by artists such as Flying Lotus, Pharrell, Frank Ocean, SZA and Solange, this pack combines elements of experimental hip hop, alt R&B, afrobeat, electronica, and hip hop. Let creativity take the driver’s seat as you explore this collection of bombastic drum breaks, funky guitars, ambient soundscapes, atmospheric keys, soulful vocals, and deep bass one shots perfect for creating your own custom bass patches.
The musicians in The Love experiment have worked with a number of artists including LAUryn Hill, Bilal, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Nas, Chistian Scott, Amber Mark, and many more. Over the last year the band has collaborated with Splice to make a number of soul and hip hop inspired sample packs for Splice Originals. This pack marks the beginning of a new journey with LEX Sounds, a sample pack label founded by the band.
If you’re looking for the tools to build your next track look no further. If you don’t think this pack is for you just look at these testimonials:
“All of these samples were made with love and we hope that you’ll love them as much as we loved creating them.”- Kim Mayo (vocalist, The Love Experiment)
“I played all the bass lines with my mind, no hands, no programming.” Loqi (producer, bassist, The Love Experiment)
“I don’t even like music.” BLVK Samurai (producer, writer, drummer, founder of The Love experiment)
“They didn’t let me play any horns for this pack but there’s a bunch of stuff in there so you know..just download it” Syl Dubenion (vocalist, saxophone “The Love Experiment”
“I made all these keyboard sounds myself out of a sine wave and a sample of a kiwi being sliced.” Von Xon (keyboardist, producer, The Love Experiment)
“If you don’t like the way my guitar sounds that’s really your problem not mine. “ Burglass (guitar, The Love Experiment)

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