Description: Lofi Lullabies Vol. 1 is everything you need to make dreamy, dusty, chill-hop, and lo-fi beats. This pack contains warm analog synths and keyboards, lush vibraphone melodies, dreamy jazz influenced guitar chords, and laid back drum loops.
With over 90 melodic loops at your disposal the possibilities for sonic innovation are endless. Build your own kit with 30 dusty drum one-shots played by drummer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Charles “BLVK Samurai” Burchell.
BLVK Samurai is the leader of The Love Experiment and has performed internationally as a drummer, DJ, and rapper. For his first solo sample pack, he decided to explore the jazzy melodies and harmonies that producers such as J Dilla and Nujabes made popular in the early to mid-2000s.
This collection is the first in a series of packs that look to explore the crossroads between lo-fi hip hop, boom bap, chill-hop, trip-hop, and beat music. This pack also contains ambient textures and vocal one-shots perfect to layer in the background of your beats. Each sample is its own sonic universe waiting to be explored. What new worlds will you create with it?

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