Description: After spending years studying jazz and classical music, Danny L Harle pivoted headfirst into the world of electronic pop. Now embedded at the center of an exciting musical movement, the British producer and composer has earned critical acclaim for his innovative and emotive discography. Explore the production process behind this genre-bending single by Caroline Polachek and discover new techniques for digital composition and collaboration.
To get started, Danny turns back the clock and revisits the original demo session of the song. He exhibits how he and Caroline crafted their own homemade vocal samples using digital varispeed. Danny then lays the foundation for the song’s initial structure using digital synthesis tools like ANA and Kick2 in combination with his built-in Logic sampler. This slowly evolves as the two producers trade AUdio and MIDI files over AirDrop.
This technology-driven approach gives the song a unique character. The artist and producer eschew old-school production practices in favor of Logic Pro’s sharp digital edges. Glitches and artifacts are embraced as an opportunity to create the rhythm and emotion behind Caroline’s soaring vocals. Musical phrases are cut and repurposed. Audio is warped, processed and pitched around using Flex Time. Harmonies and transitions are synthesized using next-gen effects engines like Adaptiverb and Portal. Danny explores each of these sound design and composition strategies in detail, allowing you to learn how these otherworldly textures and soundscapes came to life.
Once the track has reached its final form, Danny ventures into more philosophical territory. He opens up about the emotions and ideas that inspire his work in the studio, offering meaningful advice on how to find your sound, maintain a creative flow and listen objectively to the music you create.
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