Description: Blender 4 Beginner to Pro Learn it all in a few hours
What you’ll learn
– Kickstarting your 3D modelling journey in Blender whether you are a seasoned artist or a newcomer
– Using Blender 4 and understanding its new interface and shortcuts
– Acquiring the skills to create professional-grade AAA stylized models, focusing on the unique aspects of stylized art
– Mastering the art of Blender with our course on enhancing renders using the powerful compositor
– Finding out about the basics of BlenderÆs asset manager navigation to advanced asset management techniques
– Learning about and experiencing the differences between Cycles and Eevee rendering in Blender 4
– Staying ahead in the 3D realm by learning to harness the capabilities of Eevee Next, Blender 4’s revolutionary real-time renderer
– Accelerating your design process with our custom Geometry node setups
– Understanding the application of Geometry Nodes within procedural modeling for creating customizable structures
– Bringing your scenes to life with our innovative ivy and foliage creator
– Diving into the world of professional 3D modeling with our course on creating a uniquely stylized 3D tavern, teaching you industry-standard practices
– Discovering the secret to creating immersive environments with our custom stylized textures, complete with a shader setup for ultimate control and enhancement
– Advancing your texturing skills with our vertex painting techniques, adding personalized details like dirt to improve your designs with intricate realism
– Learning how to use Blender 4 lighting and compositing features to create next-level stylized assets
– To own a computer (Microsoft, Linux or Mac)
– To have downloaded Blender
– A thirst to learn and excitement about 3D modelling, game art, and lighting to take your portfolio to the next level
– To download all course resources including 15 x types of foliage (grass and weeds), 1 x human reference, 8 x types of flowers, 1 x flower bunch geometry node, 1 x chain geometry node, 1 x roof geometry node, 1 x planks geometry node, and 17 x unique shaders.…lized-3d-models/

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