Description: Mastering Restful API Development with Laravel: Building an Elegant Restaurant Menu App for Seamless Dining Experiences
What you’ll learn
Mastering Sanctum authenticaion
Advanced usage of eloquent relations
Uploading files sufficiently
Cultiple ways to use authorization
Clean code
generating QR codes
Best practices for REST API design
Laravel basics
Welcome to the “Laravel Restaurant Menu App: A Restful API Approach” course! This comprehensive learning experience is designed for both beginners exploring Laravel and experienced developers seeking to enhance their skills.Throughout the course, you’ll delve into the fundamentals of Laravel, building a sophisticated restaurant menu application. Key features include displaying menu items, organizing them into categories, and potentially incorporating order functionalities for a seamless dining experience.What sets this course apart is its focus on a Restful API approach. You’ll gain hands-on experience designing and implementing a robust API using Laravel, facilitating efficient communication between the application’s front-end and underlying data structure. From handling CRUD operations for menu items to implementing best practices for API development, you’ll acquire the skills needed to create scalable and maintainable restaurant applications.Throughout the course, you’ll gain proficiency in Laravel’s core concepts, providing a solid foundation for developing dynamic web applications. The emphasis on a Restful API approach distinguishes this course, guiding you through the design and implementation of an efficient API using Laravel. From managing CRUD operations for menu items to incorporating best practices in API development, you’ll emerge with the skills necessary for creating scalable and maintainable restaurant applications.This learning experience is not just about coding; it’s about understanding the intricate balance between user experience and technical implementation. By the course’s end, you’ll possess a comprehensive skill set, ready to tackle real-world challenges in building innovative and functional restaurant menu applications. Join us on this educational journey, and let’s turn your coding aspirations into a reality!
Section 1: Kicking off
Lecture 1 New laravel project and prepare the database
Section 2: Authentication
Lecture 2 Sanctum overview
Lecture 3 Signup
Lecture 4 Login
Lecture 5 Logout
Section 3: Restaurant Module
Lecture 6 Model and migration
Lecture 7 Create and List
Lecture 8 Update and delete
Lecture 9 Let’s create a useable image uploader trait
Section 4: Category Module
Lecture 10 Model , migrations and relationships
Lecture 11 Create and list
Lecture 12 update and delete
Section 5: Item Module
Lecture 13 Model , migrations and relationships
Lecture 14 Create and list
Lecture 15 Update and delete
Section 6: Some business logics
Lecture 16 General improvments
Lecture 17 Image eager loading
Lecture 18 Get the QR code for the restauruant
Lecture 20 Set item availability
Lecture 21 Apply discount generaly
Lecture 22 Using Repositoriy design pattern
Lecture 23 That’s it !
For web developers and software engineers looking to master RESTful API development with Laravel, especially those interested in building a feature-rich Restaurant Menu App.

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