Description: Learn all the fundamentals of game development, including animation, sprites, coding, AUdio management and much more!
What you’ll learn
Learn the basics of the Unity game engine, while creating a fun, intermediate platformer game.
Become proficient in map generation, saving systems, audio management, sprites, animation, and everything else a game developer needs to know.
Familiarize yourself with indie development, game engines, and the process of building a video game.
Practice game development strategies such as bug detection, difficulty balancing and scoring systems.
No prior programming or development experience needed! You will learn all that you need to know!
This course is built for beginner and novice game developers alike.
Hey there, and welcome to my course on creating your very own platformer game in Unity!In this course, we’ll be developing an intermediate platformer game from scratch, and learning all the basics of game creation in the process! We’ll be using Unity and C# to develop our game, and will be covering all you need to know about getting started with game development, from the basics of coding to all the specifics of our game engine.Over the last few years, I have created and released several games, for mobile, web application and PC platforms, entirely on my own. Now, using the skills I acquired, I have created this as one of several, complete courses, covering the basics of game design, in the hopes that you are able to easily enter the world of game development yourself, by taking any one of these!In my experience, game development can be quite intimidating to beginners, and running into issues, and spending hours or sometimes even days searching the web for simple ways to overcome them can be a bit demotivating. As a result, I created this course, which covers everything I wish I had known when I started game development, so that the process is much less tedious for you, no matter your prior experience. After completing this course, you will have gained all the Unity and C# knowledge you need to begin creating your very own games and apps by yourself! In addition, you’ll learn several more advanced concepts of game design, such as map generation, audio management, sprite, animation, and much more!This course will cover everything you need to know to begin creating your very own games in the Unity engine, be they for mobile, PC or any platform!If you choose to enrol, you’ll learn a valuable and in-demand skill, and have fun while doing so. I hope I get the privilege of teaching you.Have a great day! Unity.Development.Create.Your.First.Platformer.Game! :: Audionews.org插图
Who this course is for
Beginners looking to enter the exciting world of Unity game development!
Those wanting to learn Unity and C# for the first time!
Game artists or musicians wanting to learn how to create a game entirely on their own!
Novice Unity developers looking to make an intermediate game with saving, map generation and scoring systems.
Programmers looking to familiarize themselves with a new field!
Those looking to learn about menu systems, AUdio management, animation and everything else you’ll need to create a game from scratch!

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