Description: Piano Mastery: Fast-Track Learning For Teens And Adults
Published 11/2023
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Unlock Your Musical Passion and Transform Piano Playing into a Lifelong Hobby
What you’ll learn
Read musical staff notation sheets efficiently, with a detailed understanding of all the terminologies and symbols associated .
Apply the knowledge of note and rest symbols in playing the piano efficiently while sight reading the score sheet.
Understand how to recognize and play major and minor chords and apply it while practising on piano.
Learn scales by using the “circle of fifths” framework and apply it while playing the piano.
No expertise in music required. All you need to have is the will and the interest to learn how to play Piano! The rest will be covered in the course.
Welcome to the course “Piano Mastery: Fast-Track Learning for Teens and Adults” offered by RSM. If you want to learn how to play the Piano in the most efficient manner, this is the perfect course for you. The course begins with lessons on body posture and hand positioning. Once the basics are down, it must be understood that to learn any piece on the Piano, a fundamental understanding of staff notations is important. This course simplifies all the symbols and terminologies that you may find on a staff notation sheet, so that reading music becomes as easy as a walk in the park. Having learned how to read music, by applying the learnings to the opening bars of Pachelbel’s Canon in D, you will be introduced to musical scales and the theory behind how to frame and understand scales by yourself, without the assistance of anyone else. Since the most used scales are major and minor, this course covers all there is to know about how to create a major scale from scratch, how to derive a minor scale from a major scale, how to understand the relationships between notes using the Circle of Fifths, and how to apply all of this learning into your playing to enhance your efficiency with the instrument. We hope this course will be a guiding light in your journey of becoming a Master of Keys and being able to play for your friends, family, as well as future fans!
Who this course is for:
Kids, Young Adults, Adults, Elderly Folks, and anyone with the interest to efficiently learn Piano.
This course is ideal for Teenagers and Adults who wants to explore the art of piano playing in a fast track way.

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