Description: mastring drawning on fondant
What you’ll learn
Creating shadow and make the image 3D
Mastering drawing on fondant
Embodiment of any character
Mastering prepare and mixing the colors
A training course can be defined as the knowledge acquired by an individual in a specific field. It’s well-known that studies in various educational stages may not meet long-term job market requirements, especially with diverse knowledge in various fields. Therefore, learning and refining skills are crucial. Currently, there is no substitute for excellence in creating new opportunities across different fields. Our focus here is cake design or cake decoration, literally adorning cakes. It’s a culinary art creating exceptional cakes representing a place, thing, or special occasion like a wedding, birthday, graduation, or even boosting business opportunities.Our course is specifically on drawing on sugar paste. Drawing is a visual art expressing things through lines, shapes, or any tool, categorized among the visual or plastic arts and one of the seven arts. Drawing materials vary, and each artist expresses in their field, like drawing on sugar paste for cake designers. It’s among the innovative techniques allowing you to create your design using colors that characterize and distinguish it. When designing a color palette, the shade and intensity are as crucial as the chosen color. For example, dark blue symbolizes boldness and strength, while light blue is vibrant and youthful.The course enables you to learn the art of coloring, blending colors, and defining image edges. You’ll also learn the interplay of hair colors and skin shades for a close-to-reality three-dimensional image.
Lecture 1 intro
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 2 Introduction
Lecture 3 Second cours
Lecture 4 The third Cours
Lecture 5 The fourth Cours
Lecture 6 The fifth Cours
Lecture 7 The sixth Cours
Lecture 8 The seventh Cours
Lecture 9 The eighth Cours
Lecture 10 The ninth Cours

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