Description: This beginner-friendly course will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating stunning UI designs with Figma
What you’ll learn
How to create amazing UI interfaces with Figma
How to begin working as UI/UX Product designer
How to manage a design team
How to create moodboards
You will build amazing website and app interfaces
How to create carousels
How to use high-fidelity prototyping
You’ll need a copy of Figma. A free plan is available on the Figma website.
You’ll need a PC for practice
No prior knowledge in UI/UX Design
No prior knowledge in Figma
Ready to dedicate few hours weekly to learn
Enroll in this beginner-friendly course where I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of creating responsive and user-friendly designs for both mobile apps and websites. From understanding design principles to utilizing industry-standard tools, you’ll gain the necessary skills to craft compelling interfaces from scratch. Additionally, we’ll provide insights on how to monetize your skills, empowering you to turn your passion into a potential income stream.COURSE CURRICULUM:Module 1: Introduction to UI/UX Design and FigmAUnderstanding User Interface (UI) ConceptUnderstanding User Experience (UX) ConceptThe importance of UI/UX DesignExamples of good UI/UX DesignDesign Thinking Process and User ResearchUser-centered DesignsModule 2: Introduction to FigmaOverview of Figma and its FeaturesGetting started with Figma ûCreating a new account in FigmaSystem Specifications/RequirementsThe start screenBasic interface navigation in FigmaWorking with Vector Shapes in FigmaWorking with textsWorking with Frames in FigmaWorking with align tools in FigmaWorking with pluginsUnderstanding Components and GroupsSectioningWorking with ImagesSome Figma Shortcut KeysTake û Home ExerciseModule 3: Visual Design Principles in FigmaOverview of Typography and its Importance in UI/UX DesignChoosing the right fonts and typography styles for your designTypescale in FigmaTypescale in Figma 2Understanding colour theory and its application in UI/UX DesignWorking with Colours û IntroHow to get new coloursColour conceptsWorking with 60:30:10 colour rulesCreating colour palettes and applying them in FigmaSome Colour ShortcutSome ExercisesLIVE SESSIONSModule 4: Design for Specific Platforms and Devices in FigmaUsing grids and guides to create balanced layouts in FigmaWireframingDesigning for Web Applications in FigmaOverview of web UI/UX Design principles and guidelinesCreating web app designs in FigmaTesting and iterating on web app designs in FigmaDesigning for Mobile Devices in FigmaOverview of mobile UI/UX Design principles and guidelinesCreating mobile app designs in FigmaTesting and iterating on mobile app designs in FigmaModule 5: Starting a new project Part 1Reproducing Salesforce website landing page (5 pages)Module 6: Prototyping and High-Fidelity Prototyping in FigmaPrototypingOverview of prototyping and its importance in UI/UX DesignCreating prototypes in FigmaThe importance of high-fidelity prototypingCreating interactive and animated prototypes in FigmaTesting and iterating on high-fidelity prototypes in FigmaModule 7: Collaborative Workflows and Advanced Features in FigmaCollaborative Workflows in FigmaOverview of collaborative workflows in FigmaBest practices for collaborating on Figma projectsVersion control and commenting in FigmaModule 8: Product Management (JIRA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE)Introduction to Product ManagementGetting started with JiraUnderstanding Epic, User stories and TasksUnderstanding the concept scrumUnderstanding a Product BacklogUnderstanding a Sprint BacklogScrum Team CompositionSetting up your JIRA AccountCreating a new projectCreating Epics, Stories, Tasks and BugsCreating BacklogsCreating a SprintPlanning a SprintWorking with Scrum Board and its configurationsClosing a Sprint
Who this course is for
For anyone who want to start a career as a product designer
For anyone ready to learn a no-code tech skill that converts
For anyone aiming to be better at using Figma design tool as a pro.
For anyone aiming to manage team of designers
For anyone ready to build website and mobile app designs

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