Description: See, Hear and Understand with How Music Works, a comprehensive suite of multimedia tutorials.
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Packed with over 118 topics, and illustrated with 350 diagrams and 750 demonstration sounds, ChordWizard Music Theory 3.0 explains music in clear, simple language you can relate to.
It starts with the very basics of sound and music, but it also advances to topics which are valuable for professional musicians.
You will learn how to use all of the musical concepts in practical ways with your own accompaniment, improvisation and songwriting activities.
Whatever musical instrument or style you are interested in playing, ChordWizard Music Theory 3.0 will be an essential source of information and guidance for years to come.
From The Beginning
No prior knowledge is needed to use ChordWizard Music Theory. It starts from the very beginning with the basics of sound waves and music, covering the origins of pitch, octaves and notes.
Even accomplished musicians may be surprised to discover gaps in their knowledge of these musical foundations.
Throughout these topics are many sounds which reinforce and bring to life the musical concepts being covered.
Navigating between topics is made easy with the contents list on the left of the workspace. You can bookmark your place to pick up quickly from where you left off in your last session.
Staff Notation
Staff lines are the standard form of written music used around the world. Detailed coverage is given, not just to how they work, but why.
The importance of the Major scale is introduced, and key signatures for all of the Major scales are logically explained. Also included is a comprehensive reference of chords and other scales, and how they are constructed and used.
Real Examples
Throughout the tutorials are extensive real world examples of chords and scales in use, drawn from all styles of music, from classical and folk through to jazz and rock.
Each of the examples can be played so you can hear them in action, and understand what makes each of these musical elements and styles distinct from each other.
Common musical conventions such as slash chord notation, substitution and transposing are explained.
Attention is also given to the scales found in non-western cultures, and how you can use them to add exotic spice to your musical creations.
Improvisation and Songwriting
An exclusive feature of ChordWizard Music Theory is the thorough coverage of the elusive arts of improvisation and songwriting.
The relationships between chords and scales, and how they create melodies and harmonies that work together, are demystified.
You will understand as never before the value and meaning of key centres and scale modes, and how you can use them to create effective and original music.
You will also learn what makes the Blues different to any other musical style.
Printing Tutorials
Any topic or tutorial can be printed for easy reference away from the computer.
A range of options lets you change the formatting of many of the elements used when printing.
You can even print the entire collection of tutorials as a book, complete with cover page, binding margins and a fully indexed table of contents.

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