Description: Join me in this fascinating class and unlock the magic of 3D Christmas Bauble in Procreate. LetÆs bring your imagination to life and create extraordinary seasonal artwork as we explore the enchanting world of Christmas tree decorations. Imagine yourself designing the perfect bauble, filled with happy memories, and imbued with a touch of nostalgia. I know I cherish some of the decorations I have been given over the years.
In this class, IÆll guide you through the entire process of creating artwork complete with a captivating background. Using specially curated brushes, weÆll delve into the art of adding layers and intricate details to make your bauble truly spectacular. To add a touch of dazzle, I have included a metallic brush and an overlay that will make your creation shine. DonÆt worry! It is all explained in class.
But thatÆs not all! I want to empower you to let your imagination run wild. The art youÆll create is fully editable, allowing you to experiment and create alternate designs with different backgrounds effortlessly. To help you along the way, IÆve provided a range of assets, including brushes and color palettes, to make things easier.
In this class, you will:
learn how to use specially curated brushes to create a layered and detail-rich illustration of a 3D Christmas bauble with a captivating background.
discover the techniques for adding dimension to your artwork, making it truly spectacular.
explore the use of metallic assets to add a touch of bling and shine to your bauble.
create alternate designs with different backgrounds, as the art youÆll create is fully editable.
receive a range of assets, including brushes and color palettes, to expedite your creative process.
By taking this class, youÆll gain the skills and knowledge to create your own greeting cards (or whatever!) digitally. Take advantage of the provided step-by-step instructions and assets, and youÆll be able to create personalized greeting cards in no time!

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