Description: Learn how to color correct your own films!
Opening DaVinci Resolve for the first time can be intimidating. What are all these wheels and dials and windows? Award-winning filmmaker Dean Peterson is here to guide you step-by-step through Resolve, showing you everything you need to know to make your images look amazing without having to spend thousands of dollars to hire a colorist.
This course is for anyone who shoots videos or films, but doesnÆt always want to hire a colorist (or canÆt afford it). By the end of the course, youÆll know Resolve, be familiar with many of its powerful color tools, and be empowered to start color correcting your own films and videos. This course is designed for filmmakers and content creators who already have some experience in video editing. All you need to go with it is DaVinci Resolve (which you can download for free here) and some images to work with. If you donÆt have any footage, download some from the resources section.

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