Description: In this course you will get in depth knowledge for creating HTML Report.
You will learn how to Create HTML Health check for SQL Server Daily DBA Task with the help of PowerShell and HTML. At the end of this Course you will able to develop the PowerShell Script for HTML Report and you can send the report as body or attachment.
Basically this course has been divided in to multiple of session which include the Basic and advance coding of PowerShell. Even you will find the other additional session, Which will be the subcategory of the main course. For Sub-category you have to go through each module of the video. After completing the Each video session you will able to download the PowerShell Script and HTML Report.
I am going to discuss each and every Scripts which has beet attached. I will be frequently uploading the video and you will get life time access to this curse. For doubt clarification I will provide all details at the end of this course so you can connect with me.
This course has been designed in such a way that any one having the basic knowledge of SQL DBA and PowerShell they can easy learn and develop the script using PowerShell.

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