Description: OB Darkness contains 30 dark synths for Cherry AUdio Eight Voice. All presets come with 2 stacks of 4 voice polyphony (except for one or two of them) and they sound analog, epic and anguished. They mostly “shine” on lower and mid octaves of the keyboard and for slow gloomy atmospheric music parts.
Fitting for cinematic music mainly they could easily find their way to dark electronica, dark ambient, dark progressive rock and many experimental forms of music compositions.
Layering the 2 different stacks of 4 voices each one is a crucial part of the sound design process in this pack, even using 2 different sounds the sonic result is homogenous and full of bass and low-mid soundcolors.
In a couple of them the delay actually acts as chorus effect and for a lot of them there is a fairly big amount of reverb. If you need a drier sound please disable or reduce the amount of reverb (and the same for the delay device if needed.)
Presets were designed with Eight Voice 1.4.0 (Build 109) and run best with this or newer edition
Eight Voice® is a registered trademark of Cherry Audio
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