Description: Introducing Hiits Studio! A simple drag & drop software that allows you to Create pro DJ Mixes for your next party/video/fitness class/show in just a few minutes! Hiits Studio is the best drag & drop music software for creating professional DJ mixes.
Whether you’re a pro DJ looking for an efficient way to prepare your next live set or a beginner excited to dive into the world of DJ mixing, Hiits Studio is the right tool for you! Just drag and drop songs onto a timeline and let the app handle the beat-matching & volume normalisation, while you focus on the fun part – finding songs that mix well together & fine-tuning transitions.
AUtomatic beat & volume matching: seamless beat-matching and loudness normalisation on any song you drop on the timeline
– Music library analysis: advanced analysis of all your audio files (mp3, wav, m4a, ogg, etc) to detect loudness, beat grid, BPM and phrases (chorus, breakdown)
– Full BPM control: control BPM independently of songs & create constant tempo or custom tempo mixes
– Creative transition editing: volume curves, filters & effects, plus a bunch of transition presets to help you add character to your mix
– Iterate mix ideas quickly: smart interactions that allow you change songs & transitions without breaking other parts of the mix that are already done
– Structures: create structure templates for your mixes with predefined time intervals & assign colours that help you match the music to the structure
– Export mix to audio file
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