Description: This tool will allow you to generate infinity of eye variations, as everything itÆs procedurally made. It’s as simple as clicking the Randomize button and export the textures when you like the final result
The graph will generate 2 set of textures, one for the Iris and another one for the Crystalline.
To define the shape of the pupil, you can either import your own map or use one of the defAUlt ones included in the graph.
I have also left opened the basic options so the user can tweak them to satisfy his needs: shape, color and even the blood veins intensity!
This tool has been made with Substance Designer 2019.1.3 and itÆs meant to be used in Substance Player or Substance Designer, but it’s also compatible with Substance Painter and it’ll be available for Unreal Engine 4 soon, so stay tuned for updates.
For my renders I have used Marmoset Toolbag 3 with the subsurface option enabled and one eyeball created myself. However, you can easily map the texture into your own eye, making sure that the border matches with your mesh and render it in your favourite software.
Files included
PEG_Generic -> SBSAR
PEG_Unreal -> SBSAR
PEG_Presets -> Presets (from the images above) that can be loaded in substance player, designer, Unreal Engine 4 but not in painter
Substance painter scene, Logos for the tool, explanation video of how to load it into your shelf and set up the scene.
Eye mesh that I used to do my renders (I recommend to create your own using your project standards and unwrap your UV’s into the generated texture)

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