Description: 18 Creative Approaches for 6 Distinctive Blues Feels
The Blues’ expressive qualities and relatively simple harmonic structure provide the solo guitarist with boundless creative options when composing, arranging, or improvising. Tim Lerch demonstrates 18 innovative techniques for breathing new life into your solo blues performances in this Blues Edition of his Solo Jazz Pathways series.
öIn this edition, weÆll apply a palette of creative approaches across eighteen performances using six distinctive blues feels. YouÆll be surprised how inversions, simple substitutions, and creative reharmonization can transform a common blues progression into a genuinely captivating blues performance.
YouÆll appreciate these approaches’ versatility û some simple and some more complex. You can combine them or tweak them however you wish and apply them to any blues situation ù or, for that matter, any style of music.ö
YouÆll have all of TrueFireÆs advanced learning tools at your fingertips to personalize your workspace and learn at your own pace.
You can loop, slow down, or speed up any lesson section. Plus, the tab and notation are synced to the videos for the optimal learning experience. YouÆll also get tab and standard notation files to print out as well as Guitar Pro files for your own use.
Grab your guitar, and letÆs dig in with Tim Lerch!

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