Description: Interactive Video Masterclass with Orianthi
öIf I was going to pass the baton to somebody, she would be my first choice.ö – Carlos Santana
Orianthi was six when her father put a guitar in her hands. What followed reads like a Hollywood movie script; her unwavering focus, fierce dedication, and unbridled passion for the instrument led to musical collaborations with Steve Vai, Michael Jackson, Carlos Santana, Alice Cooper, Michael Bolton, Prince, ZZ Top, Carrie Underwood, John Mayer and a long list of other like marquee artists.
The artistic range, level of musicianship, and stage presence required to play alongside such a diverse range of artists and genres is why weÆre so thrilled and proud to welcome Orianthi to the TrueFire family with her first interactive video masterclass, Soundscapes!
Whatever your style or level of play, you will likewise be thrilled as you play your way through one of the richest, most enlightening masterclasses that weÆve ever produced.
öThroughout my career, I’ve had the honor of working with and learning from legendary artists and guitarists, who have profoundly influenced my playing style and inspired me to develop my own creative approaches and voice on the guitar.
IÆll show you my picking approaches and how I use vibrato, bends, phrasing, dynamics, and other techniques to craft expressive phrases to help make your solos distinctive and engaging.
WeÆll work on dialing in a killer guitar tone, creating heavy riff-driven parts, and finding that irresistible rhythm pocket.
WeÆll practice and play everything together over ten backing tracks, which I recorded with my band specifically for this masterclass. The jam tracks cover a variety of feels, tempos, and progressions ù all inspired by my own songs.
My sole objective with this masterclass is to help you create your own signature sound. Take my techniques or creative approaches that appeal to you, put your own twist on them, work them into your own playing, and create your own soundscapes!ö
Orianthi shares and demonstrates her creative approaches and signature techniques, including Ascending Riffs, Building Tension, Octave Riffs, Dynamics, Tone Changing Mid-Solo, Soloing Over Changes, Drop D, Unison Bends, Palm Mutes for Heavy Riffs, Wah Pedal Expression, Pick Scrapes For Drama, Rakes Into Big Bends, Hybrid Picking for Faster Lines, Vocal-Like Phrasing, Tight Power Chords, Tapping and Melodic Transitions, and much more.
OrianthiÆs guitar prowess is just one facet of her artistic DNA. Her solo career as a singer, songwriter, and bandleader reveals superpowers that shine brilliantly on her albums and live on the stage.
YouÆll have all of TrueFireÆs advanced learning tools at your fingertips to personalize your workspace and learn at your own pace.
The tab and notation are synced to the videos with looping and slow-motion controls for the optimal learning experience. YouÆll also get tab and standard notation files to print out, Guitar Pro files, and backing tracks to download and practice with.
Grab your guitar, and let’s dig in with Orianthi!
P.S. Start crafting your own signature sound with OrianthiÆs Soundscapes edition of In The Jam, which features all of the tracks in the masterclass. Switch camera angles and mix, mute, or solo any of the AUdio tracks for complete control of the jamming experience.

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