Description: Start Creating Amazing Videos Today. Make professional-quality videos quickly and easily with Camtasia. Record your screen or upload an existing video, then bring the ôWow!ö with effects, music, and much more.
Video software that works for you
Whether you make videos for marketing and sales, internal training, customer success, virtual or in-person learning, demonstrations, social media, or pretty much anything else, Camtasia helps make your vision a reality.
Inspire, educate, and excite your AUdience
We know that creating videos may seem like a daunting task, especially if you donÆt have any experience. ThatÆs why we created Camtasia û your all-in-one screen recorder and video editing solution. In virtually no time, you can create awesome videos that truly connect with your audience.
Sharing your knowledge has never been easier! Start by uploading a presentation or existing footage, then capture your screen, camera, and microphone to craft a pro-quality video that makes complex ideas simple, demonstrates a new process, trains people on a new skill, and much more.
Ready to ôWOW!ö your audiences? Camtasia has everything you need to create incredible videos in record time. Easily add pop and pizazz to your videos with effects, transitions, music, and more. Best of all, theyÆre incredibly easy to find, use, and customize, leaving you more time to create.
Keep your audience focused on the action with text, shapes, animations, and more. Zoom in to highlight details. Draw attention with a customized cursor. Add effects to transition ideas or just add some extra flair. The options are as limitless as your imagination!
Complete video projects up to 40% faster
A great video starts with great audio ù and great audio starts with Audiate. Edit your voice over just like text and generate captions automatically. Plus, instantly remove hesitations and all those ôumsö and ôuhs.ö You can even edit your video as you edit your audio.
You can with Camtasia
Your video, your way. CamtasiaÆs intuitive interface and drag-and-drop features help anyone create professional-quality video.
The world’s most powerful screen recorder
Leave boring screen recordings behind. In addition to high-resolution screen capture, Camtasia records your microphone, system audio, camera, and cursor so you can edit them separately or all at once. Your editing will be faster and easier and the results will be incredible.
Capture your camera as you record to add personality to your videos. Position your camera video anywhere on the canvas.
Great audio is an essential element to your video. Camtasia makes it easy to capture your microphone for crystal-clear voice over.
System Audio
Need to share the sounds generated by your software or computer? Now your viewers can hear what you hear.
Cursor Data
Your mouse cursor can help highlight important features or UX elements. Capture this data to make it easier to edit later.
Make your creative spark a wildfire
Sometimes, getting started on a new video can be intimidating. Fortunately, Camtasia offers hundreds of templates, assets, and text effects to help kindle your creative spark. Making professional looking videos has never been easier!

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