Description: Pyromania is an absolute game-changer and a pinnacle of Def LeppardÆs musical journey. Released in 1983, this album solidified the bandÆs status in the glam metal genre and showcased their exceptional musicianship. Pyromania is a treasure trove of guitar-driven tracks, featuring a perfect blend of intricate riffs, melodic solos, and memorable hooks that have become iconic in the world of rock. Learn to play the following: – Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)- Photograph – Stagefright – Too Late for Love – Die Hard the Hunter – FoolinÆ – Rock of Ages – CominÆ Under Fire – Action! Not Words – BillyÆs Got a Gun In this Classic Album guitar course, Sam Bell guides you through the powerful riffs, memorable solos, and invaluable musical insights which make this standout album one of a kind.

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