Description: 10 Monster Rhythm Techniques for Blues Guitar
In his first edition of Deep Blues, ôMonsterö Mike Welch shared 12 distinctive and highly expressive approaches for soloing over the blues. In this Rhythm Edition, Mike focuses on refining your rhythm chops with 10 creative and versatile approaches that youÆll be able to call on in the studio or on the stage.
“We all love to solo, but most of the time weÆre locking in with the rhythm section to support the vocalist and other band membersÆ solos. Ask any band leader, and theyÆll tell you that it’s solid rhythm chops that gets you the gig and keeps you on stage at the local jam.
In this rhythm edition, weÆll work on rhythm approaches for the most commonly encountered blues feels ù everything from organ trio shuffles, flat-tire rhythms, boogies, twelve eight strolls, and soul grooves.
WeÆll play and practice together over great-sounding backing tracks. The tab is synced to the video with looping and slo-mo, so you can work with the lessons at your own pace.ö
You will learn Organ Trio Shuffle Comping, Flat Tire Grooves, Double Stop Triplet Waves, Half Step Approaches for Jump Blues, Fingerpicked Boogie Woogie, Blues March Patterns, Soul Grooves, Fingerpicked Piano 12/8 Strolls, Retro Rock and Roll Approaches, and Twist-Surf-Teen Beats.
YouÆll have all of TrueFireÆs advanced learning tools at your finger tips to personalize your workspace and learn at your own pace.
You can loop, slow down, or speed up any section of a lesson. Plus, all of the tab and notation is synced to the videos for the optimal learning experience. YouÆll also get tab and standard notation files to print out, Guitar Pro files, and all of the backing tracks to practice with.
Grab your guitar, and letÆs dig in with ôMonsterö Mike Welch!

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