Description: Interactive Video Masterclass with Eric Johnson
“Each note, each inflection is a word in his language. The melody sings, the tone whispers, and together, they tell a story that words could never capture.”
The evolution of music is studded with beacon milestones of guitarists who are singularly credited with dramatically shifting their genre’s sonic fabric by reimagining the paradigm of the electric guitar. Among these musical luminaries, Eric Johnson’s beacon shines with unmatched brilliance.
Eric’s virtuosic technique and undeniable command of tone and melody fuel the language of his music. But Johnson can embed AUthenticity and emotional truth in his music that sets him apart.
Filmed in his Austin studio, Tone, Melody & Truth dives deep into Eric Johnson’s artistic DNA, revealing the genius behind his signature tone, creative process, improvisational approaches, rhythm, and soloing techniques.
“We’ll explore how I shape my signature tone, dive deep into improvisation, and dig in on some of my favorite technical and creative approaches, including my hybrid picking technique. I’ll show you how I craft melodies and solos using arpeggios and intervallic playing. I’ll also share many of my favorite chord voicings and various rhythm approaches to enhance your playing.
We’ll work with ten grooves in various genres I produced specifically for this project. They were a joy to create; you might even hear some of them on an upcoming album. For me, this project is much more than a guitar course û it’s a chance for us to share our creative journey and hopefully inspire you to find your musical truth.”
Eric designed the curriculum to give you a hands-on, contextual learning experience. In effect, you will play your way through the entire course.
Eric explains and demonstrates signature techniques and approaches including: Right-Hand Picking Techniques, Developing Your Technique, Embellishments: Your Personal Touch, Creative Odd Note Groupings, Options for Adding Harmonics, Playing with Dynamics, The Beauty of Wide Intervals, Muting for High Gain Playing, Going Beyond Playing Arpeggios, Influences & Inspiration, Exploring Chord Voicings, Chords: The Key to Improvisation, and deep dives into gear and dialing in tone.
You will apply all of the key learnings using the 10 backing tracks that Eric produced for the project. Eric performs and then breaks down rhythm and soloing guitar parts for each of the tracks.You will play along and practice the parts with Eric, and then play and practice the parts, on your own, over the included backing tracks.
You’ll have all of TrueFire’s advanced learning tools to personalize your workspace and learn at your own pace.
You can loop, slow down, or speed up any lesson section. Plus, the tab and notation are synced to the videos for the optimal learning experience. You’ll also get account and standard notation files to print out, Guitar Pro files, and all the backing tracks to practice with.
Grab your guitar, and let’s dig in with Eric Johnson!
P.S. Put your Tone, Melody & Truth chops to work in Eric’s special companion edition of In The Jam, which features all the backing tracks in his masterclass. Switch camera angles and mix, mute, or solo any audio tracks for complete control of the jamming experience!…lody-truth/c1944

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