Description: The Ice Society was a subscription-based photography educational website created by Jerry Ghionis dedicated to empowering fellow professionals and enthusiasts to take their photography and business to new heights.
Ice Pick – Jewellery Fashion shoot
Posing & Lighting – Alternative reflectors
Ice Queen – Sierra
Practice – Images from the Nikon D850 campaign
Tip of the Iceberg – Working together as a couple
Icing on the Cake – Using the Ice Light outdoors
This month, we’re excited to share a jewellery shoot where Jerry found innovative ways to show off each piece. This month’s Tip of the Iceberg is especially relevant for couples that work together and offers some tips on how to make it work. Jerry also highlights some of his favorite wedding images from the recent Nikon D850 campaign in this month’s “Practice.” A very interesting addition this month is in Posing & Lighting where Jerry finds “alternative” reflectors in his everyday environment. And he also shares several tips on how to use your Ice Light outdoors.

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