Description: In the course of the master class, the AUthor will tell about all the nuances of lighting, stage setting and posing a series of photos. Then it will show the result directly from the camera and do online photo processing. This way you will learn how to arrange work from beginning to end to get magical photos.
How to make the most of the available natural light;
How to put artificial light;
Analysis of light reflections;
Compositional frame decision;
Features of the choice of clothing and location;
The principles of selecting frames for processing and retouching in Photoshop.
Elena Shumilova is a world-renowned photographer. Specializes in family and child photography. Her work has been published in dozens of publications around the world, including Digital SLR Magazine, Practical Photography Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, SLR Lounge and My Modern Met.
Elena takes photographs for brand advertising campaigns such as Vodafone and Petcurean. Her work can be found on calendars, postcards and book covers published in the UK, Germany and the USA. She currently lives in a small village in the Tver region. He travels a lot around the world, works on various projects and holds master classes.

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