Description: In his ôLocation Lighting Masterclass,ö Piet takes you through what gear he will use and why. He starts off by demonstrating how he is able to capture the shot using only natural light, then gradually adds flash.
Along the way, he explains the different options you have when using a portrait lens versus a wide-angle lens. In the end, he cleverly produces an image combining the beAUtiful depth of field associated with a portrait lens with a nice wide view commonly used with a wide-angle lens.
Overall, Piet explains his technique so well a beginner can follow along and an advance photographer will appreciate his direct to the point approach.
These are just three of the six lighting classes included in this yearÆs 5DayDeal. My suggestion? After purchasing the deal, set aside an uninterrupted hour each day or every other day and watch a course. Take notes and then apply them to a practice shoot. Soon they will become second nature.

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