Description: Learn Lightning App Development! Learn Backend from scratch and build a simple Lightning Wallet backend in javascript
Welcome to the PlebDevs Course #2! This is the place to come and learn how to build your first lightning app backend!
In this comprehensive and beginner-friendly 13-lesson course, we’ll transform you from a javascript n00b into a proficient backend developer, with a special focus on Lightning App Development.
Anyone with a basic grasp of javascript that wants to learn backend from scratch
Anyone who wants to learn how to build a simple lightning wallet backend
Anyone that wants to become a Bitcoin/Lightning App developer
Those looking for a career change
Web 2, 3, and 5 tech hobbyists
Students & teenagers
Building a Server / API with Express
Building user AUthentication & Authorization with JWT’s
Setting up a local Lightning Development Environment
Building with Lightning using LND
Integrating your Lightning node with your server
SQL & Database fundamentals
Database Development with Knex
Integrating your server with a Frontend App
Deploying your Server, Database, Lightning Node, and Frontend App
Welcome to PlebDev Course #2! This is your gateway to mastering backend development for Lightning App Development.
Building on the foundation laid in our first course, where we introduced you to the basics of Frontend development and the integration of a custodial LNBits wallet, this 13-lesson journey is designed to take your skills to the next level. We’re diving deep into backend development, giving you the tools and knowledge to construct a robust server for the original frontend app from Course #1.
Even if you haven’t taken the first course, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. This course is structured to be inclusive and comprehensive, enabling you to build a generic Lightning Wallet backend that seamlessly connects to a prebuilt frontend. It’s a perfect stepping stone for those looking to expand their javascript proficiency into the realms of backend development, specifically tailored for Lightning App Development.
Under the guidance of Austin the Bitcoin plebdev, who started from scratch and has since built cutting-edge projects in Bitcoin and Lightning, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a part of the vibrant Bitcoin developer ecosystem. Our dynamic and hands-on teaching style ensures not just learning, but also enjoyment as you master the intricacies of backend development with a simple workflow and setup.

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