Description: Capture One Pro – Powerful photo editing on desktop. Superior image quality and true-to-life colors thanks to tailored profiles for nearly 600 camera models and lenses. Lightning-fast tethered shooting and precise photo editing tools. An interface you can personalize for a faster workflow.
True-to-life colors and superb image quality
Get incredible color accuracy and image quality right from the start. Our powerful RAW converter is customized for nearly 600 camera profiles and over 700 lenses. Thanks to this, our true-to-life color processing gives you even more vibrant images û so you can spend less time tweaking and deliver even better results.
Lightning-fast tethered shooting
Shoot directly into your computer with lightning-fast tethering for a quick and more efficient workflow. Get a full screen view of your images within seconds, letting you quality control shots in the moment with teams or clients and make the changes you need on set right then and there. With Live View, you can see what your camera sees from your screen, have full control of your camera settings from your computer, and organize images immediately from the get-go.
Get even more space to create with no cords holding you back with Wireless Tethering û available for select Canon and Nikon cameras.
Work quicker with speedy tools
Cull quickly by browsing images with zero delay. Easily choose your top selects by getting an overview of similar shots that are AUtomatically grouped together. Edit with tools that do the work for you. Features like Smart Adjustments let you cut down on editing time with AI-driven adjustments that give you a similar look across photos shot under different lighting conditions by auto adjusting Exposure and White Balance specific to each photo.
Make rapid changes and set your own shortcut keys with Speed Edit, meaning you never need to take your eyes off your image to adjust sliders, letting you edit a single image or make batch edits even faster.
Collaborate quickly with clients around the world
Remote collaboration is made easier with Capture One Live, our timesaving collab tool that lets you get instant feedback from teams and clients anywhere. By sharing images from your photoshoot with a simple link, they can view, comment, rate, and color tag photos directly on any device without needing to download a single file û no third-party software or emailing large files back and forth needed.
The power of Capture One for a studio photographer
Lagos-born, Atlanta-based photographer Daniella Almona works to highlight blackness in all forms in her work. Playing with highly saturated tones in backdrops, clothes, and make-up to bring out her subjectsÆ features, Capture One Pro is key to DaniellaÆs workflow, including her culling and editing processes, control of color, and more.

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