Description: Unlock the secrets of breathtaking landscape photo editing with our comprehensive course
What you’ll learn
Explore some fundamentals of landscape photography – from the basic kinds of photos to mistakes that youÆd better not make
Master one of the photo editing tools, Luminar Neo and learn how to work with it
Practice making basic ladscape photo adjustments and enhancing photos with special landscape tools
Make the best of AI-powered photo editing features
Develop artistic vision with creative editing tools
Apply hands-on experience of seasoned photographers while editing landscapes
Your background knowledge of basic photo editing will be a plus
Welcome to our detailed step-by-step guide on landscape photo editing on SkylumÆs Udemy Channel.
Whether you’re a beginning photographer or have been in the field for some time, our course will come in handy! It’s full of editing insights, tips, and practice. On top of that, it will equip you with a great photo editing tool and show you how to make various landscape photo adjustments with its help.
Throughout the course, you will learn some fundamentals of landscape editing – from different types of landscape to the main mistakes you need to avoid while editing photos. You’ll also practice a lot, following the guidelines of our instructor and taking all the best practices. By the end of the course, you will not only learn how to make basic photo adjustments but also try using AI-powered, creative, and advanced editing tools to make your landscape photos stand out.

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