Description: Music Video Effects, Mask Transitions, Background Effects, Full Screen Effects, Tips and Tricks for a faster Workflow
What you’ll learn
Create unique music video effects
Work with Adobe After Effects
Editing different types of footage
Turn basic music video into a masterpiece
Tips and tricks for a faster workflow
Music video tansitions
Behind the mask effects
Work with overlays
The course is beginner friendly but some basic experience would be an advantage
Hello there, I’m Oskar!
In this comprehensive course, I’ll be your guide through the fascinating world of creating fantastic music video effects. Our journey kicks off by covering the basics, focusing on the simple yet crucial techniques of masking and rotoscoping. Think of them as the building blocks that lay the foundation for more advanced video editing skills.
As we progress, we’ll dive into the exciting realm of effects, exploring a variety of creative tools. From background effects that add flair to your scenes, to smooth transitions using masks, and impactful full-screen effects, we’re unlocking the potential of video editing together.
But that’s not the end of the road! I’ll also share my tricks I’ve picked up along the way of my journey, to speed up your editing workflow. Discover shortcuts and techniques that will not only save you time but also make the editing process een more enjoyable. By the end of this course, you’ll not only understand the basics but also have the skills to transform an ordinary music video into something truly amazing
Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your video editing abilities, this course is tailor-made for you. We’ll work together to turn your video ideas into something truly amazing! Don’t hesitate to ask questions along the way û our learning journey is a collaborative one.
Music video editing is an art form where creativity and technology team up to bring your artistic visions to life. Remember, this adventure isn’t just about learning; it’s about letting your voice be heard through visuals and sound.
Who this course is for:
Newbies with little experience

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