Description: This is a course that was made, having “You” step into my world. Seeing and learning beginning drums from my perspective. With detailed information and breakdowns so you’ll never get bored, or confused. The course is packed with PDF’s and videos. Along with 3 different metronome tracks to practice your new found skills with.
In my course “See What “Eye” See Drum lessons you’ll learn the Components Of A Drum Set, what the pieces are and named that make up your basic drum set, and traits. You’ll not only learn four different stick grips but you’ll learn the Anatomy Of A Drumstick. We’ll dive into the basic ways to use the bass drum pedal, by learning the top two basic methods for the bass drum pedal control. We are next going to learn my A,B,C,’s Approach To Learning Drums, this is the core element to this video. From there we are going to learn about the metronome. Then learn our first basic groove, using basic independence, then we’ll go one step further and learn about easy note displacement using the A,B,C’s approach and use of a metronome. Following up all that fun stuff with drum fills, the top four rudiments and bonus exercises, that really get the excitement going. I’m talking about 16th note and triplet permutations, six different subdivisions to try around the drum set, bass drum foot exercises, sticking workouts, and how the “Dribble The Stick,” which is learning how to make the stick rebound freely, like bouncing a basketball.

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