Description: Enhance how you practice with flexible long-form workouts and etudes that focus on key soloing techniques. A multi-level structure you can come back to over and over.
Kenny Serane – Build The Perfect Practice Session.
Develop a practice routine that works for you. Learn techniques and stay sharp while remaining musical with flexible and repeatable etudes and exercises. A highly structured and adaptable Masterclass that gives you a step-by-step method for improving how you practice.
What’s it about?
Kenny Serane gives you everything you need to build a complete practice routine. Target the essentials with warm-ups, technical exercises and etudes, and progressively ramp up the difficulty level.
Each example focuses on a specific topic and is part of a system that is designed to develop your stamina, precision, speed and time feel. Mix and match the workouts, with the included practice routine templates, and take it slow with alternative backings.
This Masterclass takes the guesswork out of practice. Hand-picked exercises and etudes that you can use over and over, to learn, improve and maintain your soloing chops.
What will I learn?
You will learn how to practice better with the ability to focus on the right stuff, at the right time and in the right way.
The primary topics covered are tapping, hybrid picking, legato, alternate picking and sweeping. You will get to grips with them in a way that allows you to use each skill musically.
Dexterity is a common focus, as is the ability to play longer with intense stamina-testing pieces. You will also gain greater control when moving quickly around the neck, whether playing chords or single note lines across multiple strings. All of this while navigating time-signature changes throughout many of the exercises and etudes.
What theory is covered?
What techniques are covered?
Alternate picking
Sweep picking
Hybrid picking
String skipping
Who’s it for?
This is for players who want to practice better. A flexible, evergreen Masterclass that’s packed to the rafters with everything you need to create your perfect practice routine.
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